Article 1: Scope of Terms
  • The following terms and conditions apply to this agreement, as well as all services and actions that a user makes on and resulting from the app.
  • The following terms are subject to change and may be updated from time to time, without notice. It is the responsibility of those accessing the site or app to periodically review these terms.
  • If these terms are changed, an indication or notification will be made to users. If a user does not agree with the new terms, he must discontinue use of the service and terminate his account.
  • The user agrees to access and use the app’s services upon the condition that he understands the terms and is willing to oblige by them.
  • The terms will apply to the use of the service, and must be read carefully and understood in order to form a binding agreement between the user and Musclr. If the user takes part in the service, he is agreeing to the terms and automatically binds this agreement.
Article 2: Service Usage
  • The user is hereby granted non-transferable, non-exclusive and limited rights to make use of and access the service solely for non-commercial and personal purposes.
  • Any third party information or content that is transmitted onto the service holds intent with that respective party. The terms and conditions of those services apply, and furthermore, the content’s rights remain wholly with that party.
  • Musclr has the right to review, edit, delete or refuse user content that is posted or transmitted by means of the service’s functionality. Furthermore, Musclr reserves the right to have a user banned, refused or removed from using the service, based on its sole discretion. This should be more closely considered if the user was previously banned, refused or removed.
  • With the prospect of becoming banned or removed, users must not use the service to:
    • Infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third parties
    • Infringe upon the privacy or any other rights of third parties
    • Transmit or make use of any visual bestiality or child pornography
    • Dispel spam, unsolicited advertisements and/or phishing
    • Use any automated (or manual) processes to scrape the service’s content
    • Bypass any of the service’s security measures
    • Provide any false or consequently misleading information about oneself
    • Harass or Bully other users, which will likely lead to deletion
    • Behave unlawfully or breach the Terms and Conditions in any way
  • A user and/or his content may be removed from the service if Musclr deems it inappropriate or objectionable. If the proceeding material brings legal disputes into the matter, Musclr has the right to dispel user information and/or content, in good faith, to the respective legal entity.
  • Musclr does not hold responsibility or obligation to review the users’ transmitted and posted content via personal chats, and it is up to the user to comply and act according to his jurisdiction’s terms, as well as the service’s terms. Musclr will survey and review the content to the best of its intent, but it is the user’s responsibility and requirement to ensure that safe and non-objectionable material is posted.
  • In regards to profile photos and/or gallery photos, Musclr will review photos before they are made public, ensuring that no nudity or sexually explicit content is used.
  • The service is used at the risk of the user. Any loss or damage to a user’s data/content has resulted at his own will, and the responsibility will remain with him.
Article 3: Privacy
  • A user’s personal information is used for the means of creating profile(s) and/or transmitting content. The provided information is by no means used for advertisements or third party distribution, and will remain solely in the private databases of the service. Further information can be found in the full Privacy Policy. Musclr does have the right to use profile photos in promotional content, but only for the service and will remove such content with written request from the user.
Article 4: Intellectual Property Rights
  • The user agrees that he retains limited rights, and agrees that Musclr maintains all rights set out in the Terms and Conditions, including the Intellectual Property Rights pertinent to the service (including modifications, translations, designs, graphics and so forth).
  • The user must not sell, commercially use, publish, rent-out or transfer content or services from Musclr. Furthermore, he must not provide third parties such non-transferable rights.
  • Musclr does not hold any rights in regards to the content a user uploads. When the user uploads or provides material, he is providing the service with a worldwide non-exclusive right to his content, but solely for use and in connection with the service.
  • The user understands that if his content is removed, it may still remain in cache or backup copies. This should in no means be available to other third parties and should be treated as if it were permanently deleted. Nevertheless, Musclr does not hold responsibility for such cached or temporarily traced-material.
  • Musclr cannot control or be responsible for how a user’s content is used by other members. The user should understand that his content has the possibility to be copied or redistributed by other users, and should take up such complaints with the respective users.
  • A user’s personal information or content will not be made available to third parties unless an explicit agreement is made between the user and Musclr.
Article 5: Reporting
  • Musclr allows for users to report other users via the contact form on the Musclr website. Musclr will receive notification of the possible faulty user.
  • The service may contact the reporter for further explanation, but is not required to do so.
  • If the report does not result in any action and the reporter remains unsatisfied, he can contact the service for further inquiry.
Article 6: User Account
  • To best make use of the service, the user must create an account. The information provided in the initial registration can be modified or deleted at any time and at the discretion of the user.
  • In order to register and create an account, the user must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age. By accepting the terms and conditions for this service, it is required that the user understand and accept this.
  • The user may only register an account if he is registering as himself and is an actual person.
  • Musclr does not accept any liability for unauthorized (or third party) access made to a user’s account.
  • The service is meant to provide a community for those interested in muscular men. The user must therefore select a ‘Role’ as either ‘muscle man,’ or ‘muscle worshiper.’ The preceding terms are in no means meant to be offensive or negatively single out an individual or group of individuals.
  • The user must not upload or place a pornographic medium (containing frontal nudity and/or the involvement of sexual acts) as his ‘Main Photo’ or in his gallery. This is necessary to maintain a non-offensive and collaborative network of users. It is not meant to limit the freedom of an individual’s expression, but rather to make the community friendlier to all types of users.
Article 7: Interruptions
  • Musclr cannot guarantee that the service will be continuously error-free or up-to-date.
  • Continuation and contribution to the service is at the discretion of the user, and he must understand that he takes part in the service at his own will.
Article 8: Termination
  • The user can terminate the agreement (the Terms and Conditions) at any time by removing his account and the concurrent termination of usage.
  • Musclr has at its sole discretion the right to, at any time, temporarily or permanently terminate a user’s account, ban a user, temporarily restrict access to a user or transfer an account to a differing membership level (given that the service provides membership levels at the time of transfer). Furthermore, if deemed inappropriate, an infringement or objectionable, the user’s content (uploaded, transmitted or provided) may be edited, deleted or refused by Musclr.
Article 9: Contact Information
  • All contacts and inquiries should be made in the English language, unless otherwise explicitly discussed and agreed upon a differing solution. All correspondences should be directed to: support@musclr.com.
Article 10: Third Parties
  • The rights and obligations of this agreement may not be transferred to third parties, and its usage restrictions/obligations are pertinent only to this service.
  • If a third party believes that content posted explicitly by Musclr is infringing upon his/her intellectual property rights and/or copyright laws, please contact us and the content will be promptly removed.
Article 11: Definitions
  • The Service

    When referred to in the preceding terms, this phrase is meant to describe the Musclr app (iOS app named Musclr) and all of the actions/uses that take place in its context. One could further refer to the first article of the terms.

  • Account

    What is created by the user through the registration process and/or further modified through the ‘Settings’ options available to registered users.

  • Personal Data

    Any data that is directly or indirectly related to a natural person.

  • Reporting

    The process of reporting a user for abuse, violation or for posting/transmitting objectionable content. This process can be done by sending a contact request via http://www.musclr.com/contact

  • Profile

    The page where a user’s public information is displayed and made available to the other community members.

  • User Content

    Any content uploaded, transmitted or provided by the user. This pertains to media as well as written content.

  • Musclr

    Referring to this distinctive app (service) offered for iOS devices.

  • Agreement

    The agreement which is formed between Musclr and the user, concluded by reading and accepting the preceding terms.