Updated: 4 January 2015
Types of Personal Data (PD) Obtained
  • Account Information – This refers to all information that is provided upon account creation. A limited amount of data is required, such as your e-mail and so forth. This information is critical to get your profile constructed. From the required information, your e-mail address will not be made public.
  • Mandatory Profile Information – This refers to the aforementioned registration data; this explicitly includes: e-mail, profile name and ‘User Role.’
  • Voluntary Information – After registering an account, a profile is automatically generated. Only the basic information will be present (that which was required during registration). To make optimal use of the community, further voluntary information should be filled in. Precisely which and how many fields to enter are at the sole discretion of the user. This voluntary information will be publicly available (within the community, as well as to the public).
  • Cookies
    • On the Musclr website, Musclr implements the use of cookies, as do most modern websites. A cookie is virtually a small data file that can be stored on an individual’s computer/device, and helps to create a more fluid logged-in or engaged experience.
    • A cookie does not harm your computer or device in any way, and is used to make the service faster and more reliable. Cookie settings can be easily adjusted through the browser’s settings, but be aware that this may hinder the functionality of the site.
    • If third party advertisements are used, this might cause the implementation of further third-cookies onto a respective computer or device. This would be done to create more efficient and faster messages, and again, would not create any harm to the device.
    Why does this site need PD?
    • Firstly, to establish yourself as part of a community, a certain amount of personal information is needed. This is used to build the framework of your profile, as well as provide crucial information to the site. Your e-mail address is necessary to ensure actual human functioning, and also provides a means for support and inquiry information.
    • Furthermore, providing PD allows you to better integrate into the community and meet other individuals; without adequate profile data, users are less likely to contact you.
    • This information is also surveyed in order to prevent spam and establish that a user is presenting himself naturally.
    • Content, particularly photo content, is reviewed to ensure that proper terms and conditions are met, and that no objectionable and/or unlawful material is transmitted.
    Transmission to Third Parties
    • A major privacy concern is whether your PD will be made available to third parties. Rest assured that Musclr will never sell, trade or rent your personal data to third parties without your prior consent.
    • In the event that Musclr is sold, integrated with a third party or requires reorganisational structuring, your personal data may henceforth be transferred to the respective third party.
    • In the event that there is a legal dispute, Musclr reserves the right to comply with court orders. This would be done in good faith, and in the off-chance that there would be a legal process put in motion.
    Limits of Responsibility
    • Musclr does not have responsibility over the content you choose to publicly publish on your profile. It is possible, as with any virtual community, that other users may redistribute or make copies of your content. Any dispute regarding such matters should be taken up with the respective user(s), and Musclr does not assume responsibility for such copyright/IP infringements.
    • Be aware that any third party websites or services abide by their own privacy policies and terms of services. This policy only relates to PD obtained by Musclr through use of its services.
    Modifying Personal Data
    • Users may alter their accounts at any time. This can be done from within the ‘Settings’ section, which allows members to add, edit and delete content.
    • If you choose to terminate your account, please be aware that some traces may be left behind in the site’s databases and/or records. This information is maintained for a few important reasons: to prevent malicious attacks or spam-bots, for legal reasons (if a legal dispute were to occur), and for the prevention of identity theft. To terminate an account, users should contact Musclr at
    • If you have any inquiries or would like to know more about the exact information Musclr has collected, you may send an e-mail to Please be aware that it could take time to respond and appropriately provide further information.
    Modification to the Policy
    • Musclr reserves the right to, at any time, make modifications to the Privacy Policy. If the policy changes in any way, the new version will be published to this page. You should understand this statement and agree that you should periodically view this policy and ensure that all information is adequately understood and accepted.
    Contact Information
    • Any inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy should be directed to Before sending a correspondence, make sure to read through the entire policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions.